Ex. 23. Change the form of the infinitives to refer the situation to the present or future.
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Ex. 23. Change the form of the infinitives to refer the situation to the present or future.

1) I

should have minded

terribly.— I

should mind


2) He

would have done

the right thing.— He

would do

the right thing.

3) She

could have helped

you.— She

could help


1. She could have stopped the whole thing at once. 2. We might have had a wonderful time. 3. I should have worn a sweater. 4. He wouldn't have spoken like this. 5. No measures would have been taken. 6. He would have felt much better about it. 7. They wouldn't have quarreled so much. 8. The flowers would have grown much better. 9. No one would have heard about it. 10. I shouldn't have worried so much.

Ex. 24. Paraphrase the following sentences so as to make them hypothetical. Translate the sentences into Russian.


1) I


what to do. – I

should know

what to do.

2) Не

will refuse

to act. – He

would refuse

to act.

3) We


what it meant. – We

should have known

what it meant.

4) Не

can take

the necessary measures. – Не

could take

the necessary


5) She

could read

the letter yesterday. – She

could have read

the letter


1. Не could not object. 2. Nobody helped him. 3. He will not agree. 4. I don't know where to turn. 5. It could be rather important. 6. Nothing mattered to him any longer. 7. It was quite unsuitable. 8. You will get a lot of experience that way. 9. Any girl will look her best in this outfit. 10. A hat like this looked all right on a woman half her age. 11. Nobody minded. 12. Nobody will mind. 13. Somebody protested. 14. Somebody will protest. 15. She did not take any important decision without consulting me. 16. The dog recognized his master and did not bark. 17. She will not be told. 18. No one may know about it. 19. Will you give up your job and just be a housewife? 20. I don't think so. 21. No one guessed the truth. 22. It went on like that for a good many years. 23. He will be much better at home.

Ex. 25. Answer the following questions, using the conditional mood.


1) Will you see her in this part? – No, (to be bored stiff).

– No, I

should be bored


2) Why didn't you let him take his ball? – (to lose).

– He

would have lost


3) Why don't you let him go there alone? – (may lose) the way.

– He

might lose

the way.

4) Why did you do it yourself? – (can spoil).

– He

could have spoiled

the picture.

1. Why didn't you ask him to help you? – (to refuse). 2. Will you take your younger child along? – No, (may get tired). 3. Did you tell her about it? – No, (to be upset). 4. Why didn't you copy the poem? – (to take too long). 5. Will you take a taxi? – No, (to be expensive). 6. Why didn't you take her to the theatre? – (not to like). 7. Why don't you wash the dress yourself instead of sending it to the cleaner's? – (to shrink). 8. Why don't you tell him, he's not doing it right? – (to resent). 9. Why didn't you let him have an ice-cream? – (may hurt smb.'s throat). 10. Did you tell her how to do it? – No, (not to take smb.'s advice). 11. Why didn't he stop to talk to you? – (to miss one's train). 12. Will you come and see me one of these days? – (to be glad to). 13. Could you come over and have dinner with us to-morrow? – (to be delighted). 14. Why didn't you come to see your boy act in the play? – (may be nervous). 15. Why didn't she ask him any question? – (to get confused). 16. Why did you want him to do it? – (can do smth. better).

Ex. 26. Translate into English

1. Ты правильно сделал, что не пошел. Картина тебе не понравилась бы. 2. Все случилось потому, что его там не было. Он бы знал, что делать. 3. Мы так давно не видались. Не знаю, узнала ли бы я ее теперь. 4. Мне не нравится твой перевод. Она бы сделала это лучше. 5. Мне бы не хотелось идти туда сегодня. 6. Ты всегда мне помогаешь. Что бы я без тебя делала? 7. Как хорошо, что ты был дома. Что бы я без тебя делала? 8. Было бы разумно завтра переночевать в лагере. 9. Было бы замечательно сдать экзамен сегодня. 10. Я вернула книгу в библиотеку. Ты все равно не стал бы ее читать. 11. Каждому ребенку понравилась бы такая кукла. 12. Это была интересная работа. Любой из нас охотно согласился бы тогда на это предложение. 13. Мне не нравится этот человек. Доверять ему я бы не стала. 14. В таком положении он сделал бы то же самое. 15. Собственно говоря, я мог бы пойти туда сегодня. 16. Я не знала, что он был в Москве. Я могла бы дать ему книги. 17. Вы могли бы отнести ей это после лекции?

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